How Chavista informants force a citizen at gunpoint to say what they want him to say

This photo taken yesterday in the immediate vicinity of the Venezuelan National Assembly is traveling the world through social networks. It shows how a member of a Chavista collective draws his weapon and points a Venezuelan at the gates of Parliament. But the snapshot gives much more of itself. The man with a black shirt who has a camera and a press helmet in his hands is called Oswaldo Rivero, aka “Mango Head”, and is the host of the program “Zurda Konducta”, of the Venezuelan state television (VTV) , the main disseminating body of the Chavista propaganda. Cabeza de Mango also works for the television program of Diosdado Cabello, “El Mazo giving”, where he provides photographic and video material. The regime sent him to Ecuador and Bolivia to cover the October protests. Surely the armed man who points to a citizen will be out of camera and nobody would know the truth if this photo had not been taken. And the truth is that the Chavista regime forces citizens at gunpoint to say what they want them to say.

Yesterday, while the interim of the interim president Juan Guaidó tried to enter the hemicycle of sessions, an EFE graphic reporter managed to capture the moment where Rivero with his camera and his biker with a gun points to a young man and they make him declare. The photo circulated immediately through social networks due to the collusion of two national police officers who did nothing to prevent this violation of the rights of a citizen.

Given the impact of the photo, Oswaldo Rivero had to accept that it was him and uploaded a video on his Twitter account where he said «Yes I am the one in the photo, without any problem. I am going to clarify the situation (…) a motorized caravan of the people of Guaidó was coming who wanted to violently break into the center of Caracas, a confrontation took place between two groups and the Police arrested the man and I started recording him ». According to the presenter, the man who points the gun at him was “a policeman in civilian clothes.”

Given the severity of extortion by the Chavista presenter, Henrique Capriles said: «Images of Maduro’s violence that the world must see. Using armed paramilitary groups, the regime attempted against deputies of the National Assembly and against workers of the free press ». He added: «Why doesn’t the policeman act to stop who clearly points to another with a gun? What was the character aka “Mango Head” doing there and also recording? How long will the Armed Forces lend itself to prevent the entry of their legitimate representatives into Parliament? This will not be seen in any of the media censored in the country ».

On the other hand, the Venezuelan journalist from Unión Radio, Esteninf Olivarez, rebuked the attorney general about the photo: «In case you need more evidence, Mr. @TarekWiliamSaab, the man in the black shirt is called a mango head, surely you know him, I don’t know but I was not taught at the university to do journalism with a gun ». .

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