How developers provided alternatives to Apple’s default apps

Smartphones come with a large number of default applications. They are ready to use once the phone is purchased and unlocked. These applications cover a large number of basic functions of a smartphone.

وتقدم a company Apple, for example, has over 35 apps ready on any iPhone you sell. These apps include an email management app, web browser, weather, clock, camera, music playback, and more.

What increases the importance of these applications on the iOS system in particular is that they are default and cannot be replaced by other applications that do the same task automatically. Even when you download an app that does the same job, the Apple app will still be the default for the phone.

Developers have struggled with this issue, especially since apps that replace default apps usually aren’t very attractive. Like the popular calculator app PCalc that’s been around since 1992. However, it didn’t sell well, as it was a calculator app first and last.

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Replace default apps

Application developers face significant challenges when developing an alternative application for one of the default applications in general. And on Apple devices in particular for the aforementioned reasons. However, some developers have already succeeded in outperforming Apple.

This was done by providing a better user experience and more features and features within applications that present the same main idea of ​​some of the default Apple applications.

As stated by developer James Thompson, developer Application PCalc previously mentioned, the situation will remain in this way as long as Apple applications are not suitable for all users because some of them lack features and features, and others are difficult to use for the average user.

In recent years, prominent applications have appeared in all fields. Some were intended to replace the already default apps, such as Application Halide Photography which replaces the main camera app.

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This application has enabled some of the features and features that Apple did not have in its application, such as controlling professional photography settings.

The Halide app was developed by just two people, and according to its developers, the key to the app’s success is to offer the features they were looking for as regular users interested in smartphone photography.

and presents Application Tasks is another example of this. Through it, the user can manage his own tasks and goals, as appears from his name, and the application was established by the developer Mustafa Youssef, who developed it when he found that the default Reminders application from Apple lacks a large number of the features he needs.

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