How did Nicolas Cage, the fortune of 110 million pounds, become a homeless person? | news

American actor Nicholas Cage was once the highest-paid actor in Hollywood and earned 15 million pounds per movie, but recently the 57-year-old was fired from a luxury Las Vegas restaurant and because of his tattered appearance, some thought he was homeless.

The Oscar-winning actor was once a superstar and has starred in Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters like National Treasure and Con-Air since he got famous in 1983, but over the years has squandered his £110m fortune by buying Stranger Things. eccentricities.

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The adult actor who was married 5 times went broke by his 40th, blaming his managers but when you can’t resist rare sea creatures, 11th century castles and exotic private islands, it’s easy to see where Nicholas’ money has gone.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the bragging that wasted Nicholas Cage’s money:


Earlier this year, Nicholas Cage married Rico Cipata for the fifth time in a Las Vegas hotel and bought his bride, who is thirty years his junior, an engagement ring studded with black and gold diamonds, specially made for her in one of her favorite colors.

Before Rico, Cage married 4 times, including Erica Koike in 2019, and the marriage ended after only 4 days, despite their dating for a year, and yet she demanded alimony from her husband.

Cage also married Lisa, the daughter of singer Elvis Presley, but their marriage lasted only 3 months, and according to reports, the couple had a fierce argument that ended with Lisa throwing the wedding ring, worth 47,000 pounds, into the sea.

exotic animals

According to the Los Angeles Times, Nicholas Cage spent £202,000 on two venomous cobras and an octopus that alone costs around £109,000, and Cage once claimed the octopus made him a better actor.


Cage became obsessed with buying castles for a period of his life, as he bought an antique castle in the German city of Bavarian that dates back to 1466, in honor of his mother’s family roots from the southern city, and it cost 5 million pounds, and another for the same price and spent millions more to restore it

haunted mansions

In 2007, hoping to write a horror novel, Nicholas spent £2 million to purchase LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans believed to be one of the most haunted houses in the world. It was owned by serial killer Delphine Laurie, who tortured and murdered countless slaves in her home between 1787. and 1849.

Unfortunately, Nicholas lost the mansion and another mansion due to his 2009 £10m tax debt.

dinosaur skull

One of the things Nicholas was most bragging about was a 67 million-year-old dinosaur skull for £218,000 in 2007, without knowing that it had been stolen, and authorities revealed that he had voluntarily agreed to hand the skull over after learning of the circumstances surrounding it.

Reports at the time indicated that he competed with actor Leonardo DiCaprio and bid on him to win the skull.

private islands

Nicholas Cage bought a Bahamian island that was up for sale for $3 million.

The wall street journal, which specializes in the stock market and commercial markets, confirmed the news, noting that the island was untouched before and that he could build on it, and he also had a house on Paradise Island, another island of the Bahamas.

real estates

Nicholas Cage owned 15 properties at once, including a £18m waterfront home in California, £11m in Rhode Island and £6m in Las Vegas.

cars and yachts

Nicholas owned at one time about 50 cars, including a Ferrari Enzo, and it was one of only 349 cars made in the world, and another that was owned by the Shah of Iran in 1997 for 328,000 pounds.

Cage also owned more than 30 motorcycles and 4 yachts at the same time, and the most expensive yacht he bought was worth about 14 million pounds and includes 12 master bedrooms.

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