How digital transformation improves customer service in companies

30 years ago Silestone revolutionized the countertop materials sector because its appearance meant the emergence on the market of a material highly resistant to stains, impacts and scratches that also came in a wide range of colors, with more than 80 shades nowadays. The manufacture of this material was possible thanks to the commitment to innovation and R&D made by its mother company, the family-owned Spanish multinational Cosentino, which now appeals to that same entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and leadership to face one of the most important challenges that many companies have to face in these times: the challenge of digital transformation.

Ignacio Larraz, CRM Salesforce director of Cosentino, highlights the importance of exercise leadership in digital transformation, since it means advancing the competition in a fundamental aspect for the future of companies. This is thanks to the fact that digitization allows making substantial improvements in the management of customer information, a key element in generating more sales.

Salesforce Live: Catalunya will give the keys to how to get more customer-centric organizations

When Cosentino decided to bet on digital transformation, it did so hand in hand with the multinational software-on-demand company Salesforce and they have already been working together for about two years to promote the company’s entire customer relationship portal. As Larraz points out, “Our great challenge has been to digitize ourselves and, above all, digitize communication with our customers. Hence, we have based the last months and years on building a digital platform that allows us to communicate with them in public and private areas ”.

The great event of digital transformation

Ignacio Larraz will precisely explain all the work done in this transformation process in the digital event Salesforce Live: Catalunya, to be held on November 26, and in which other large companies, such as Fundación La Caixa or SUEZ, will propose their strategies on how to achieve more customer-focused organizations thanks to opportunities such as those offered by the new digital environment.

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The experience of large companies

Cosentino is a company present in more than 40 countries with its own assets based on the business model business to business, although start taking steps to get closer to the end customer. Historically, its main customers have been marble workers and kitchen and bathroom stores. Now, however, it is targeting another important professional audience, focused on architects, designers and interior designers.

According to Ignacio Larraz, the digitization of the customer portal has improved thanks to Salesforce technology, specifically thanks to the model of Community Cloud, that integrates with the Sales and Service modules. All this supposes a native integration that, according to Larraz, is very useful because they do not have to place intermediate integrators. The Cosentino portal allows customers to perform actions such as view products or request samples.

“The great challenge has been to digitize ourselves and, above all, digitize communication with our customers”

Additionally, along with this feature, Cosentino is working internally to generate more sales. They do this by sharing the information they get from their potential customers, based on the different actions they can take on the website. The CRM Salesforce director Cosentino describes this process where Cosentino’s relationship with Salesforce goes further, since the module of Service Voice, which has helped qualify potential customer information and do better scoring
. In this way, the contacts they provide to kitchen stores are of a higher quality and this results in a greater possibility of sale.

This aforementioned module, which has helped the company to develop commercial actions with potential clients through the call center, has also brought them the benefit of to unify in a single window what were previously two interaction windowstion, these were on the one hand the voice and on the other the rest of the channels, with which the call center agents optimize their work. In addition, there is another important reason why Cosentino opted for Service Voice and that is the implantation speedas it does not require an integrator. Therefore, Ignacio Larraz considers that there will be an improvement in his relationship with the client.

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A collaboration with a future

The joint work between Cosentino and Salesforce still has a long way to go. The next step will be continue measuring ROI and testing the approach to the end customer, to study a future global deployment of call center Y customer service. This line of future work is a sample of the importance that digitization is increasingly acquiring, a process that Cosentino has also introduced in another of its major projects, Cosentino Cities.

It is about showrooms that were born in 2013 and have now evolved into a new model with a important weight of digitization and artificial intelligence so that they are workspaces for prescribers. With these centers,
Cosentino expands in Catalonia by opening in Barcelona
, last October, a center that has 700 square meters, and that adds to the centers of Amsterdam and Tel Aviv also recently opened. In total, the Cosentino Cities network already has 15 centers in the main capitals of the world, offering professionals a space where they can develop a complete project.

(Marcela Grassii)

The Cosentino model, characterized by commitment to innovation and flexibility necessary to adapt to new situations, it faithfully represents everything that Salesforce promotes to help companies evolve and thus be more prepared for current challenges.

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