How do they generate well-being and energy in people?

Lima Peru.-. The hottest time of year has arrived, summer, the time when we seek to feel fresh and with a feeling of cleanliness throughout the day; However, it is inevitable that the heat causes us some fatigue and discomfort outside and inside the house. Faced with this situation, did you know that there are aromas that can generate well-being and energy in people? Natura Ekos proposes six favorite fragrances as the ideal alternative to feel a little more relaxed and motivated during the first months of the year.

“Ekos Frescores provide comforting and joyful sensations thanks to the essential oils of the richest active ingredients in the Amazon, which are also an invitation to have an encounter with nature and biodiversity. Its mild and refreshing fragrances prolong the sensation of cleaning for up to 6 hours and it is ideal for daily use ”, comments Fiorella Solari, Natura’s Product Marketing Manager.

Discover your favorite summer scent:

1. AÇAÍ:
Açaí is a fruit symbol of energy and vitality, since it stimulates cell renewal. On the hottest days, when you feel tired, stressed or under heavy workload, use Frescor Ekos Açaí. Its green and fresh notes will give you a feeling of well-being and that extra touch of energy you need to continue with your day.

The Cumarú has a sweet or oriental fragrance, with woody notes. It is the ideal alternative to use daily, when you want to refresh yourself. You can use it day or night, since its warm and enveloping notes combine perfectly with any occasion.

The chestnut is a source of nutrition for the skin due to its oil rich in Omega-6 and Omega-9. If you like sweet, soft and comfortable fragrances, the EKOS Chestnut Freshness is the chosen one, since you can use it as many times as you want during the day to refresh yourself.

Passion fruit oil, with emollient properties and a high concentration of essential fatty acids, provides a sensation of freshness and tranquility due to an active ingredient present in its fruits and leaves, which works in the body as a mild natural painkiller. The passion fruit aroma is the favorite of Peruvians for its soft and fruity notes.

The essential oil of the pitanga reveals tropical, vibrant and fresh notes. The fruity fragrance and intense color, transmits joy and freshness, especially in these first days of the year when the heat and sun are felt the most.

This variety of Pitanga stands out for its freshness, its floral notes and for carrying the essence of a day full of sun. Its fragrance is refreshing and sophisticated.

Remember that for the aromas to last longer in summer you must spray the product twice, alternating your hot and cold areas. The cold zones are concentrated on the shoulders, in the upper arm, forearm and thigh; while hot spots are behind the neck, chest, wrist, elbow crease, pelvis, and crease behind the knee.

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