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Based on phenomenological research, Western scholars have discovered that high blood pressure occurs simultaneously with thickening and hardening of blood vessels, and there is a very high correlation. Therefore, the most popular theory isvascular sclerosisTherefore, the blood flowing in it will encounter greater resistance.

To reduce the complications of hypertension,Western medicineDrugs to lower blood pressure have been developed, mainly to reduce the heart rate (β1 blockers), reduce the contractility of the heart (calcium ion blockers), and reduce the total volume of blood (diuretics).The relatively new development starts with angiotensin, which inhibits the production of angiotensin, etc., and slows downvascular sclerosisOn the one hand, cholesterol and triglycerides, plus high blood sugar, are the three main culprits.

Later, the different functions of high-density cholesterol and low-density cholesterol were separated. However, after so many years of intensive research, unexplained hypertension has been classified as native (primary) hypertension, accounting for more than 90% of hypertensive patients. In other words, after so many years of comprehensive research, more than 90% of hypertensive patients are still unexplained.

actually,Another complication of high blood pressure is brain atrophy.Patients with high blood pressure, whether they take medicine to control their blood pressure well, or do not take medicine and their blood pressure fluctuates, they will also slowly lose brain cells, that is, the number of brain cells decreases and the brain gradually shrinks

This is just an observation and no one has yet come up with an explanation. The brain is the organ that needs the most oxygen, and just a few minutes of hypoxia can cause brain death. I am afraid that the long-term insufficient oxygen supply caused the gradual death of brain cells.

traditional Chinese medicineThe theory has always believed that hypertension is due to hyperactivity of liver yang. Although there are other types, hyperactivity of liver yang seems to be the main cause in the literature. Once a diagnosis is made, treatment can be proposed. However, all kinds of drugs for lowering liver fire cannot really treat high blood pressure, and even the effect of temporarily lowering blood pressure is not as effective as western medicine.

The prescription based on the diagnosis had no obvious effect.If the refusal to admit is a diagnostic error, the conclusion should betraditional Chinese medicineNot empirical science. The diagnostics and prescriptions of Chinese medicine are all myths, and there is no logic at all. This is even more harmful to Chinese medicine.

After more than 20 years of research, from the very beginning, it was believed that high blood pressure is a deficiency syndrome, a disease of hypoxia, any important organ, brain, kidney, liver, spleen… as long as there is hypoxia, there will be high blood pressure.This is the same as the principle of tap water supply, if the water supply is insufficient, it will be pressurized.

In recent studies, we have found the same goal as Western medicine. The research on hypertension in Western medicine has found a strengthening coefficient,When analyzing the resonance pulse frequency spectrum corresponding to the enhancement coefficient, it really confirmed the inference that high blood pressure is caused by insufficient oxygenbecause the greater the strengthening coefficient, it is the fourth harmonic, and the smaller the amplitude of the resonance frequency of the lung meridian.

In other words, the more serious the hypertension, the less oxygen supply through the lungs, and the better the antihypertensive drugs, the better the effect of reducing the enhancement coefficient. For example, by analyzing the resonance spectrum, it means that the amplitude of the resonance frequency of the lung meridian is increased more. many.

So what happened to the hyperactivity of liver yang observed by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners in the past? In fact, this is also the crisis of correlation research. There is correlation, not necessarily causation. Two events with a high correlation coefficient are likely to be the result of another cause, and there is no causal relationship between them.

Take the diagnosis of hypertension in traditional Chinese medicine in the past. Hypertension is indeed highly correlated with hyperactivity of liver yang. This observation is not wrong, but it is wrong to infer that hyperactivity of liver yang is the cause of hypertension. This mistake almost ruined the reputation of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

actuallyBoth high blood pressure and hyperactivity of liver yang are the result of lung deficiency, and lung deficiency is the common cause. Because of insufficient oxygen supply,blood pressure riseTo increase the amount of blood transport, to remedy the lack of oxygen in the blood. Because of insufficient oxygen supply, some metabolic reactions cannot be completely oxidized, thus producing toxins, which have to be detoxified by the liver, which results in hyperactivity of liver yang, which is often said in Chinese medicine.

actuallyWestern medicineNot much wiser. The correlation between arteriosclerosis and hypertension is very high, so arteriosclerosis has been considered as the cause of hypertension. However, judging from the research on the enhancement coefficient of the current pandemic, both hypertension and arteriosclerosis are the result of high blood pressure.

As for the real cause of high blood pressure, Western medicine classifies more than 90% of hypertensive patients as essential hypertension. Although there is a classification of disease names, its meaning is high blood pressure that occurs naturally without a clear cause.

From the perspective of resonance circulation theory, vascular sclerosis certainly poses a threat to life, but vascular sclerosis may not be the cause of high blood pressure, but the result of high blood pressure.

Because of hypoxia,blood pressure riseby the resonance equation of the vesselNote It can be seen that once the radius of the blood vessel becomes larger due to the rise of blood pressure, the tension on the blood vessel will increase upward in a U-shape (K becomes larger). Mass, to balance the non-linear increase of blood vessel tension, to maintain the resonance characteristics of blood vessels, to maintain the characteristics of blood vessels as blood pressure waveguides, and to maintain blood transport.

Therefore, vascular sclerosis should also be the result of elevated blood pressure.


The fluctuation of radial resonance can be simplified as a spring pendulum. The length of the spring is the radius of the blood vessel. Because the blood vessel becomes larger, there is tension to pull r back, just like a spring, which can be compared to the elastic coefficient K, and the blood vessel The unit mass of K can be compared to the loaded mass M. If the spring pendulum needs to vibrate at the same frequency, when K becomes larger, M will also become larger. When the blood pressure rises, r becomes larger, and K becomes larger, so M also becomes larger. ⊙

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