How do you do it?.. How to update the iPhone to iOS 15 and detect any problems and reach…

(MENAFNYoum7) You can set your iPhone to update itself automatically, or manually update it yourself, and Apple releases updates for the iPhone regularly, in addition to at least one major update for the operating system every year, and here we offer you ways to update iPhone to iOS 15, and how to deal With the emergence of problems and fix them.

According to business insider, here’s how to make sure your iPhone is ready to update automatically:

1. Open the Settings app and tap General.

2. On the General page, click on Software Update.

3. On the Software Update page, click on Automatic Updates.

4. To let your iPhone do everything automatically, make sure the iOS Update Download buttons are toggled on by swiping them to the right, turning them green.

Also, when you turn on both switches, your iPhone will download update files to your phone and then install them automatically overnight, when your phone is charging and locked.

How to manually update your iPhone

1. Open the Settings app and tap General.

2. On the General page, tap Software update, and your phone will check to see if an update is available.

3. If an update is available, tap Download and install, agree to the terms and conditions and wait for the update to download to your phone.

4. Click “Install” to complete the update.

The nature of the problems and their fix when updating

Make sure your iPhone is compatible

The latest iOS software update is iOS 15 available for the iPhone 6S and later, as well as the iPhone SE (both first and second generations) and the seventh generation iPod Touch.

This means that if you are still using an iPhone 5S or earlier, you will not be able to update to it.

Make sure you have enough storage space available

iOS 15 will occupy approximately 3.24 GB of storage space, but you will need more than that to successfully install the update, in fact, you will need approximately 5 GB of free space on your phone to download and install the update.

Also, to see how much free space your phone has now, open the Settings app, tap General, and select iPhone Storage, and how much storage you have available will be listed at the top of the iPhone Storage page.

Connect to WiFi and charge your battery

Sometimes it’s the little things that prevent iOS update, you need to have a strong and reliable WiFi connection and your iPhone needs at least 50% remaining battery life.

Also, for best results, perform the update at home or in the office, where you know you have reliable WiFi, and connect your phone to a charger before starting the update.



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