How do you invest money in a lucrative and environmentally friendly way?

So are green? Are you young? Are you willing? And do you need the money? Then, in my opinion, there are hardly any alternatives to stock savings plans. But before you rush headlong into expensive adventures, you should calmly examine what you are getting yourself into. You have the choice between fund policies, annuity contracts, index funds and basic pensions, all dressed in green and at prices that are not made of paper. As a result, I can only call out to you: watch out when it comes to pensions and the environment, because naked predatory capitalism also prevails in green savings contracts. May I prove my thesis to you using the example of a 25-year-old man who wants to put money on the high edge every month so as not to end up under the bridge in retirement?

The young man would like to invest 500 euros per month for 40 years in companies that work sustainably, ecologically and socially, and he wants to draw on this capital in retirement. The vegan investor hopes to be at least 90 years old, so that the cash flow consists of 480 expenses and 300 income. If you are bad at maths too, but still want to know how high the pension can be, then you should go to the Internet, there call up and feed the pension calculator with numbers. With a return of 3 percent per year, the monthly pension will be around 2165 euros, and with an interest rate of 6 percent per year, monthly pensions of around 6053 euros are possible.


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