How far will viruses take us?

Published on : 18/11/2020 – 12:26

How far will viruses take us? How have such unusual other forms of life shaped our humanity?

Let us ask ourselves about viruses, the countless viruses with which we cohabit for the worst, we know well in this period of pandemic but not only… Did you know that these are viruses that have allowed us mammals to produce placenta ? That some help us fight against other viruses? So often enemies, sometimes allies, how can we better understand the immense and so strange family of viruses? We know of tiny and much bigger ones, some parasitize each other, others jump the species barrier! Unusual, fascinating and unclassifiable, are they living beings? So many questions that occupy virologists in search of a vaccine against Covid, HIV, Ebola and so many other viral pathologies …

With Tania Louis , doctor in virology and youtuber for The Mad History of Viruses for at Humensciences et Olivier Schwartz, director of the virus and immunity unit of thePastor Institute


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