how hybrid car sales overtook diesel in Europe

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More hybrid cars than diesel were sold in the third quarter, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (Acea) announced on Friday (October 22nd).

The diesel car continues to fall in the face of the electrification of the European car market. Non-rechargeable hybrids are in second position with 20.7% market share, behind gasoline (39.5%), but ahead of diesel (17.6%), which has lost 10 points in one year.

One of the main reasons for the abandonment of diesel by the consumer, the affair of Dieselgate in 2015. « First, there is indeed an extremely strong disaffection for diesel which is linked to the events of 2015, that is to say to the diesel crisis in the United States with Volkswagen, to analyse Bernard Jullien, director of the GIS Gerpisa cabinet, automotive specialist.And then it effectively led to a series of diesel bans in cities like Stuttgart, like Munich and others. Then we know today that it will no longer be possible to travel with diesel in 2024-2025, depending on the city. So obviously when it comes to households or companies buying vehicles, it is very dissuasive. Then, in fact, in the wake of this crisis, we have the idea that heat engines are problematic and that the movement that was observed between 2017 and 2020 from diesel to gasoline is not satisfactory. from the point of view of carbon objectives and from the point of view of air quality objectives. »

This growth in hybrids comes in particular from the countries of Central Europe, where sales increased by 69.3% between July and September. The gloomy automotive market, undermined by the effects of the health crisis and semiconductor shortages, is primarily benefiting these vehicles.

Largely subsidized, electric and plug-in hybrids have almost doubled their presence on the european market, with 9.8 and 9.1% of the market, respectively 212,582 and 197,300 vehicles sold.


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