How is the colossal sunfish that weighs 1500 kilos and surprises scientists

On Spain, what appeared to be the catch of the day ended up being catch of the year. Fishermen in the region caught a huge specimen of the sunfish colossal, whose length exceeded three meters and its weight was around 1500 kilos.

Normally, the colossal sunfish they weigh approximately one thousand kilos and inhabit tropical and temperate waters. On this occasion the specimen belonging to said marine species was captured in Ceuta, an autonomous city of Spain. To the surprise of locals and strangers, the fish could not be weighed on the fisherman’s scale because it has a limit of 1 ton.

This bony fish has a flattened body and, if it manages to extend its fins, it can measure as long as it is long. This is why it is considered one of the largest species on the planet. Land.

According to inhabitants of the region, these specimens are not seen frequently in the vicinity. Photo: Twitter Onda Cero Ceuta

Previously, fishermen from the region had caught a colossal sunfish from 500 kilosTherefore, there is no doubt that this specimen takes all the numbers to be considered the largest species caught in the last decade and, probably, in the next few years.

This time, the surprise has been as gigantic as the bony fish, because, according to inhabitants of the region, these specimens are not frequently seen near the coasts of Spain, while those that appear near the shores of European beaches are not large.

The group of fishermen who used their net to catch the colossal sunfish, immortalized the moment through photographs and videos that were published in Twitter, after the images were provided by the Marine Biology Station of the Strait of La Sevilla University. It is worth noting that the biologists of that station were also surprised by such fishing.

The colossal sunfish returned to the ocean

After the feat, the ocean hunters had to release the huge fish, since its fishing is strictly prohibited by the European Union. This is because the colossal sunfish is considered a vulnerable animal according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Beyond this species being considered one of the largest in the oceans, it is often the victim of sharks, sea lions and killer whales, who fiercely shred it and then devour it. Also in Asian countries they use the meat of the sunfish to prepare extravagant meals.

The specimen of the sunfish was returned to the sea. Video Twitter Onda Cero Ceuta


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