how is the relationship Alejandra Giral and Andrés Montoya

Even though Andres Montoya It hasn’t been on the news for many months, has revealed the great relationship he has with his colleaguewho, in addition, is also her friend, since they have known each other for a long time, specifically since the University.

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How is the relationship Alejandra Giraldo and Andres Montoya?

In front of the cameras it is evident that the presenters get along very well. His followers had been wondering if he was from set is the same or if, on the contrary, they are more distant.

Through his Instagram account, Giraldo shared a video showing his exercise routine. What she caught her attention was that, next to her, was her colleague, who was accompanying her in her training. While she was recording it with her cell phone, she yelled at him to say hello to her followers. Immediately, he answered her laughing and trying to hide: “what is he doing to me? Don’t record me.” Giraldo, with a smile, added: “I came to train and I found this little character.”

Their followers have left messages on their networks praising their relationship.“Were they study partners? How cool”, “now I get up early with the desire to see the news with this super team”, “they are the best”, “they are our country pride”, “I love the team they make”, “great presenters”, “now Yes, I go to work very well informed”, “excellent presenters, different and outgoing”.

How old is Alejandra Giraldo, presenter of ‘Snail News’?

The journalist and presenter was born in Medellín on April 9, 1984. She is currently 38 years old, and in her social networks she is usually very active. On Instagram he has 206 thousand followers, with whom he interacts daily.

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Who is the husband of Alejandra Giraldo?

The presenter is married to Alejandro Serrano, a businessman whom she met more than 10 years ago. They have two dogs as pets and from the photos that the paisa publishes on their networks, they seem very much in love and happy with the family they make up.

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