How is the well-being of your collaborators?

In an organization, things do not go well when one of its leaders asks us why he should worry about the well-being of his collaborators.

At least they are not going as well as they could.

The answer should be as simple as reminding you that employees are people full of human dignity; this is enough to worry and occupy ourselves with them.

The well-being of families, of society, of the world depends on their happiness. If it seems like a small thing, it must be remembered that the results of the organization, the work area or simply the environment in the office also depend on it.

Capitalism and welfare

In “the capitalism that we do not want”, profits have been privileged with the exploitation of labor and natural resources; This is how Raj Sisodia, founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement, reminds us. For many years the heads of companies have concentrated on offering the highest results to investors; many times sacrificing the dignity of man and the balance of the planet.

But in “the capitalism that we do want,” companies have turned deserts into orchards; they have improved agricultural production and eliminated diseases; In addition, they have brought knowledge, art and entertainment to a population that had no scope for it; they have created jobs and made people grow.

Can you guess, then, why we should care about the well-being of our employees, about the well-being within our organizations?

Of course, because with this we are improving the world, transforming and contributing the best of ourselves, what we know how to do, what we produce; because every afternoon, every time a shift ends, we are sending collaborators who at least are not going to fill their homes with the bitterness of work. On the contrary, they may recount with passion, joy, or gratitude the challenges they faced.

It is when, among other aspects, the employee receives compensation that alleviates their needs, both financial, physical and emotional; you feel that you are growing, learning, innovating; that he is part of a team, a family with whom he spends most of the day; he is glad of the good results of his colleagues and can make decisions in his area of ​​responsibilities or express his opinion without fear.

When a company finds those working conditions for its staff to flourish, as Martin Seligman says; When the organization creates those work climates where things work, that is when creativity, solidarity, collaboration, in short, all good things flow. It is only a matter of time to receive the results.

The positive environment in an organization is essential for the well-being of employees

It has been shown that the organizations that come closest to this ideal have great achievements in the objectives they set and in their efficiency, but everything is the result of the positive environment.

For example, productivity benefits from motivated staff taking better care of their health and missing work less. Absenteeism is also reduced because employees find in the workplace the ideal environment to concentrate, to be creative, to find the support of their colleagues or to feel empowered to convince the client.

It is these conditions that allow the greatest concentration, thereby reducing errors and waste, while increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

An ideal world that we must build even beyond the walls of our facilities.

An employee worried about personal problems does not perform at their best. True, we cannot go around solving all their difficulties, but there are some basic ones that we should not avoid as leaders in our organizations.

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