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how it differs from the adult mobility pass



Chile continues to fight the wave of cases of coronavirus that began in recent weeks and, despite the fact that the number of infections is low, there is still a struggle to try to make them as few as possible.

For the same, from the Government they have emphasized the importance of having the complete Covid-19 vaccine scheme. Moreover, since November, minors who are over 12 years old must have their mobility pass, something that as the months go by will be required for children who are younger.

How is it different from the adult mobility pass?

The differences between the mobility pass for children and adults is not so great, since it gives practically the same benefits and restricts similar activities.

For instance, minors may not enter bars or pubs or places where only the adult public is allowed, despite having their mobility pass, but other than that, they have benefits and restrictions that are very similar.

If there will be differences, for example, between vaccinated minors and those who are less than 12 years old and who do not necessarily have the vaccination schedule. The difference is made particularly in interregional travel, by car, bus or plane, where children under 12 should only have a negative PCR.

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