How Jezero Mars Crater Looks, Perseverance NASA Sends Prime Photo – NASA managed to land the rover Perseverance on the surface of Mars on February 18, 2021. Just minutes after doing landing, this explorer sent two picture first to Earth from the sight of the Jezero Crater, the location where it landed.

After a seven-month journey to Mars, Perseverance completes a dangerous landing procedure dubbed the seven minutes of terror. The landings were announced before 4 p.m. EST at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory headquarters.

This image was taken with a camera mounted on the spacecraft and is a black and white image. Taken while the cover is still attached to the camera lens as protection. The images that future explorers will send will be even more impressive.

Reporting from on Friday (19/2/2021), the first image shows the shadow of the rover itself on the surface of Mars. The new images will also help mission team members identify exactly where the Perseverance landing zone is.

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NASA’s Perseverance plane lands on Mars [Foto: Gizmodo]

And the images are exactly what scientists on a mission want to see, namely showing off the rocky surface on Jezero Mars Crater.

The mission scientists chose this location because they believed that when the Red Planet was still covered in water, the Jezero Crater was a lake with a river delta that deposited sediment at the bottom.

By studying these rocks, scientists hope to better understand Mars’ habitability and inform the search for traces of life on the Red Planet.


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