How likely is it to get a five star character?

The growth of Genshin Impact he’s being insane. Frankly, as good as the game looked visually, predicting exit like this around the globe was very difficult. And target your profits with such a risky bet even more.

$ 100 million in just two weeks, they say, and the rest of the industry asks where to sign. The answer is difficult because the mix is, at least in the West, quite unusual.

Perhaps that large percentage of profit comes from how well the game is – an 83 Metacritic and an 80 in OpenCritic-. It might be just how comfortable your gateway is with free characters and accessible gameplay. It may even be because of the waifus, an internet well that leads to rivers of ink. Or maybe your sistema gacha be as striking as deliberately harsh.

Genshin Impact 5 Stars Gacha

Guaranteed odds and characters in Genshin Impact

Beyond the special wishes that seem to make getting certain characters or weapons a bit easier, the chances of getting a five star character in Genshin Impact are from 0,6%. The thing improves – little – in the characters of four stars up to a 5,1%.

In addition, the system that guarantees you get a five star character from time to time dictates that this virtual and premeditated rush of luck will come after trying a whopping 90 times.

The comparison with other gacha titles such as Fire Emblem Heroes, with a ratio of between 6% and 8%, or Hearthstone In the field of micropayments, with legendary cards at a 5% probability or guaranteed every 20 packs, they make it clear that sinking into the vice of gacha de Genshin Impact it is far from the healthiest in the industry.

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