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A few days ago, Sony and Microsoft started a battle by launching a new generation of consoles: the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5.

For months these companies have been promoting these new items, seeking to enchant fans who are now struggling to have one of these renovated machines. Of course, to do so, they must pay a large sum of money that could exceed 500 thousand pesos.

This immediately made us wonder at Page 7 how was the launch of the first versions of these consoles. For this we must travel in time of about 30 years.

Let’s start with the PlayStation. Today we are at number 5, but the original was released in 1994 in Japan and in 1995 in the rest of the world. While not a novelty, it was the PS1 that managed to take the CD-ROM system to the next level. Other companies used it for games, but they were just as successful.

More than 100 million consoles were sold worldwide in 10 years, before it was withdrawn from the market in 2006. With 300 dollars of the time, today an amount close to 400 thousand pesos could be disbursed for this article.

On the other hand, the PS5 today costs in its standard model (with integrated blu-ray disk drive) a value that varies between $ 649,990 and $ 499,990 (digital model).


The first Xbox

In the case of the first Xbox, it was released in November 2001, when Microsoft decided to launch its number one version of these game consoles. This included a DVD player and an Intel Pentium III processor, quite a revolution for the time.

About 24 million copies were sold throughout the world, in addition, Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft, chose Dwayne Johnson as his ambassador for the promotion of his most ambitious project.

Xbox launch


At that time, it was released at a price of US $ 299.99 (about 330 thousand Chilean pesos today). Of course, some time later it left the market due to the launch of the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

If we look at current prices, they are still just as expensive. In the case of Microsoft, it put on sale the Xbox Series X, at a price of 499 dollars ($ 529,990 in Chile), and the Xbox Series S, with lower image quality, without a disc reader, smaller and cheaper at 299 dollars ($ 319,990 in Chile).

Which one would you choose?


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