how much did you get Netflix gave ‘Squid Game’ actors a bonus…

It is known that Netflix gave bonuses to the actors and producers of ‘Squid Game’. It doesn’t seem like a huge amount.

Actors filming ‘Squid Game’ / Netflix Official Instagram

According to Bloomberg News in the United States, Netflix is ​​offering ‘Squid Game’ to the production crew and cast members. It was reported on the 22nd (local time) that a one-time bonus was paid.did. Netflix did not disclose the exact amount of the bonus.

Bloomberg said, “The bonus the cast received is less than the one-time fee paid by actors in the HBO drama ‘Succession’. It was just that,” he explained.

Netflix is ​​said to have invested about 25 billion won in the production cost of ‘Squid Game’. However, it is estimated that it has made more than 1 trillion won in profits from this. Netflix took most of the revenue under the terms of the contract. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk, who directed ‘Squid Game’, also said that he did not make a lot of money compared to his success.

Actor Lee Jung-jae / News 1
Actor Lee Jung-jae / News 1

“Netflix isn’t contractually obligated to pay more to the crew and cast (since it’s not a running guarantee contract),” Bloomberg said. “The way Netflix will definitely reward successful producers and actors is to put more production costs into making subsequent seasons,” he added.

It is known that director Hwang is planning a season 2 thanks to the worldwide box office success of ‘Squid Game’. As Netflix is ​​rushing production by paying an unusual bonus, expectations are growing that you can watch season 2 quickly.


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