How much does a doctor earn in Spain?

  • There are differences of more than 1,600 euros between autonomous communities and in France they charge more than double than here

The doctors, nurses and health personnel in general they have been the greats heroes of the pandemic. With hardly any means – especially at the beginning – and doubling shifts, they have faced the massification of the ucis, risking their physical and mental health to try to alleviate the effects of the coronavirus. And many of them have paid for it with their lives.

Their work has been recognized by the applause and cheers that, from the balconies, were dedicated to them every afternoon of confinement at 8:00 p.m. But the salary they charge is perhaps not adequate for people who have been risking their lives on a daily basis. And also, it is much lower in our country than in others in the European Union.

For example, a doctor working in France earns on average a salary of 4,000 to 7,000 euros net per month, more than double what is admitted in Spain or Germany, according to data published this month by the specialized medical website Medscape.

It is for this reason that the so-called ‘brain drain’ occurs. The health unions warn that, during this decade, 70,000 doctors will retire in Spain and that MIRs are not reaching hospitals and primary care centers in sufficient numbers and with time to train. After studying medicine, doctors face an exam in which they must choose their specialty and, later, complete their residency. The salary that these professionals receive – the lowest echelon of the salary chain – during those years does not reach 1,000 euros per month, according to the medical union and the workers themselves. ME, which with the coronavirus leaving the ucis collapsed, have staged loud protests throughout Spain to denounce this fact.

From 35,000 to 140,000

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On average, the net salary that a doctor charges in public health is 54,200 euros, which is about 2,940 euros net per month, taking into account that those who charge the least -which are those who are starting- receive 35,300 euros gross per year and those who earn the most can receive 140,000 euros gross per year.

There are also differences according to the autonomous community in which they work, according to data from the report ‘Remuneration differences of Spanish Hospital Doctors in 2019 and cuts since 2009‘prepared by the Study Center of the Medical Union of Granada, which warns that the differences in gross remuneration between maximum and minimum in absolute figures range from 712 gross euros / month to 1,647 gross euros / month.


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