How much does a firefighter charge in Spain? And in Catalonia?

After more than two years of waiting, the Generalitat has published the call for the offer to become part of the Bombers Corps of the Generalitat. Specifically, in 2022 they will be launched 250 more places in order to add a total of 1,000 new firefighters and thus comply with the last labor agreement of the body.

The new call, in addition to the 250 places, brings important changes that will affect the next tests. The most outstanding is that all the tests will be presented in Catalan. In addition, there will be a new trades test and the order of tests will change.

But regardless of what the number of places offered in CataloniaThe truth is that there will be many applicants to fill the 250 places.

The profession of firefighter is one of those that demands the greatest sacrifice in physical access tests and also during the development of the work. That is why it is also one of the best paid.

Ranks based on position

Within the fire department itself there are different ranks or professions, so it is charged based on the position held, but also based on where you work. And it also depends on the autonomous community in which it is practiced, as it happens with doctors, secondary school teachers or national police, for example.

The Basic Fire Department Scale is the beginning for anyone who wants to be a firefighter. But, in general, the average salary is between 29,000 and 45,000 euros gross per year distributed in 14 paidIn other words, the monthly salary would be between just over 2,000 and 3,200 euros.

From there, it must be said that those who earn the least are those who work in Catalonia. According to reports from the Generalitat, the monthly salary of a firefighter is among the 2,000 and 3,000 euros per month, which are charged in 14 payments.

As for Madrid, it seems that the salary is somewhat higher, with an average salary of about 40,487.38 euros gross per year, that is, an average of about 2,890 euros gross per month, while a group leader will charge about 44,036 euros gross per year, about 3,140 euros per month.

Navarra, the one that pays the best

In Navarra is where the salary of firefighters is higher. In that autonomous community, the chief firefighters or inspectors would receive an average salary of about 46,000 euros gross per year (for about 1,657 hours worked at the end of the year), that is, a salary of about 3,285 euros per month, while a base firefighter would be around the 3,000 euros per month.

To all this must be added supplements for productivity, place of residence or other variable concepts, such as greater dedication or overtime or non-programmable hours, which have different values ​​depending on the degree of the firefighter within the body.

Overtime and retirement

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As for overtime, firefighters can charge an average of between 20 and 25 euros per overtime, depending on the position they occupy. And within would also be the foreseeable or programmable overtime, which is between 16 and 21 euros per hour, also depending on the position held.

In addition to the aforementioned, within the salary or salary of the firefighters, the three-year terms of seniority also enter, which are paid every three years and which are usually established from the position they occupy within the firefighters body, and the called special productivity supplements. Finally, firefighters have access to an early retirement due to their professional activity from the age of 59, in case of crediting 35 years or more of effective contribution as a firefighter.


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