How much does it cost to charge an electric car at home?

You first need to know if you are going to charge at public or private charging stations.

There are approximately 8,500 public terminals in Belgium, there are only 250 in Wallonia and a few hundred in Brussels as well. There is therefore much better coverage in Flanders. As for the price, it is anything but transparent and varies depending on the supplier.

At home, the cost of recharging comes to around € 0.19 per kWh.

Outside, on a so-called “slow” terminal, the price is around € 0.35. It rises to more than 0.65 € for loads at 50 kW and even 0.90 € on ultra-fast terminals from 150 kW to 350 kW.

Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline or diesel. For comparable vehicles and for 25.00 0km per year, we arrive at the following monthly rates: 85 € for recharging the electric car, 216 € for the gasoline car and 131 € for the diesel vehicle. However, this charging rate can double if you use a fast public charger. Charging at home is therefore much cheaper, especially if you have solar panels and / or a two-hour meter.

How much does it cost to install a private terminal at home?

If you want to charge at home, it is preferable to install a terminal (forget if you have an apartment) because charging via a simple classic 220 V socket takes a long time. A terminal costs between 800 and 2,000 €. But sometimes it is offered with the electric car or by the employer for a company car.

Next to public or private terminals, the ideal remains to charge at the employer’s place.

What if my car runs out of power on the road?

Well, a patroller from an assistance company, for example, can come and do a quick charge in your vehicle and you can get back on the road but just to go to a public charging station. Allow a minute of charging time to cover a mile.

Advice for recharging at a public terminal

If you need to charge at a public terminal, you should ideally have at least two cards as there are several networks and it is better to have the network card, otherwise you will pay roaming charges, like for a foreign telephone operator. If you don’t have a card, for the moment the only way is to use the application mentioned by the terminal by entering a credit card number to validate the payment and the charge. But payment by bank card at terminals is under discussion at the political level to impose it on operators.

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