how much is it worth in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín and more

Since the beginning of October In Colombia the price of gasoline roselo that ends up affecting the country’s drivers who move in and out of cities on a daily basis.

Though the Government recently promised that the ACPM will not increase in price in the remainder of the year, which is positive for truck drivers and, therefore, the transport of food and articles of daily use, car drivers and moto yes they should pay more to use their vehicles.

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These people, in addition to complying with the decisions of the bill and plate in some cities (in the case of cars)they should get more money to tank their vehicles, although in some cities they are seeking to discourage their use and that they move on public transport or by other means.

For now no new increases in the price of gasoline are knownbut there is an estimate on what Colombians could end up paying in the last month of the year.

The cost of a gallon of gasoline today October 6 ison average, 9,380 pesos, although in cities with larger populations they pay much more than that price.

In Bogotá, for example, a gallon of gasoline is 9,723 pesos; in Medellín, drivers must pay 9,663 pesos; in Cali, the cost is 9,762 pesos and in Barranquilla it is, one of the main cities, where they pay the least (9,408 pesos).

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This is the price of gasoline in Colombia in different cities, according to the Ministry of Mines and Energy:

Ciudad Gasoline price per gallon
Bogota 9.723 pesos
Medellín 9.664 pesos
Cali 9.762 pesos
Barranquilla 9.408 pesos
Cartagena 9.368 pesos
Hunting 9.618 pesos
Bucaramanga 9.477 pesos
Villavicencio 9.823 pesos
Pereira 9.707 pesos
Manizales 9.716 pesos
Ibague 9.672 pesos
Meal 8.222 pesos
Cucuta 7.776 pesos

The increase in the price of gasoline is high, if you take into account what they paid in those same cities weeks ago.

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