How much is the Orlando bubble going to cost every day in the NBA? Very very expensive …

Between the setting up of tests, hotels (Gran Destino Tower, Grand Floridian or Yacht Club) and leisure activities (video games, ping-pong tables, DJ sets, golf, fishing …), the resumption of the 2019 season – 20 at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando is going to cost the NBA candy! According to the journalist Brian Windhorst ESPN, the bubble will cost the league $ 1.5 million per day.

A figure to be multiplied by 99 days of presence in Florida (from July 7, date of arrival in Orlando, to October 13, date of a potential Game 7 of the Finals) for a total cost of … more than 150 million dollars.

And this is, as Windhorst reminds us, without taking into account the loss of income already caused by the suspension of the season since March 11 and the first case of coronavirus detected.

We understand better why Adam Silver confided yesterday

“Frankly, it’s not very economical for us to play on this campus. It is extremely expensive. ”


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