How much money can really be saved in 2022?

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Black Friday is all about shopping, saving and making bargains. Because every year – as many retailers suggest – there should be considerable discounts on the key date. A price study shows how these turn out.

Munich – This has been the case for years Black Friday he as the shopping event to save money. Originally it is an American invention. But now the shopping spectacle is also available in Germany and many other countries. And despite inflation and the loss of purchasing power among customers, German retailers are expecting good business around the “shopping holiday”.

“The growth story of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is continuing, even under the current difficult conditions and despite the poor consumer mood,” said Stephan Tromp, deputy HDE general manager Handelsblatt. “Many customers are now even more likely to go bargain hunting and want to take advantage of the offers of the two days.”

Black Friday Week: How Much Money Can You Save? “On average only five percent”

Black Friday – Do retailers increase prices before the discount battle and how much money can actually be saved. (Iconic image) © Westlight/IMAGO-Images

To find out how much customers can really save when shopping online on Black Friday, the portal carried out an extensive price study according to its own statements. The 100 most popular product categories from the previous year – Black Friday 2021 – were analyzed. The price developments of almost 10,000 products from around 3,000 retailers were examined more closely. underneath Black Friday offers for smartphones or HiFi products.

The result: 62 percent of the products were cheaper on Black Friday than in October. “On average, however, the savings on Black Friday are just five percent,” writes Only about every fifth Black Friday offer was reduced by more than 20 percent. However, that does not mean that bargain hunters cannot save properly in individual product categories.

Black Friday Deals: Customers think they can save up to 20 percent

After all, 43 percent of German online shoppers believe that they saved an average of 11 to 20 percent last Black Friday, according to the results of the price study. Not surprising, after all, around Black Friday, umpteen retailers advertise with high discounts and exclusive price offers every year. The internet, at least, is full of pop-ups and banners at bargain prices.

Save money on Black Friday 2022 – one percent on smartphones, nine percent on notebooks and up to eleven percent on televisions

There was an opportunity to save on around 10,000 tested products in the hundred most popular categories. But the average savings were rather small, especially in the five most popular categories of Black Friday 2021. “You could only save one percent on average with smartphones,” write the testers. “The discounts on notebooks and vacuum cleaners were also only in the single digits. Only televisions and smartwatches offered a higher discount potential of up to 11 percent.” In concrete terms, this means: For a mobile phone costing 1,000.00 euros, you get a discount of ten euros with a discount of one percent.

Here you will find the best Black Friday and Black Week deals.

Save on Black Friday – good deals on technology and gaming accessories possible

But all in all, some good bargains were possible in 2021, the testers announce. The average savings were particularly high in categories from the electronics sector. “For example, there were particularly large percentage discounts for surveillance cameras (-16 percent), PS4 games (-16 percent) or gaming headsets (-14 percent).” Even when buying televisions, system cameras or notebooks, you would have an average of 50 can save up to 140 euros.

The electronics retailer Media Markt is also coming up with interesting offers. Anyone looking online can see in advance at the electronics retailer MediaMarkt whether the desired product is in stock. A clear advantage over the local trade.

Do retailers increase prices ahead of Black Friday to give more discounts then?

The thought persists that one or the other retailer will increase their prices shortly before Black Friday. In order to only offer supposed bargains on the day of the action itself. The testers from cannot be confirmed based on the evaluated data. Rather the opposite is the case: “In most product categories, the prices are already falling in the weeks before Black Friday and then rise again a little after the day of the action or after Cyber ​​Monday.” Black Friday is particularly good for getting good deals. “Overall, our price study showed that in 61 of the 100 analyzed categories, there were already days in November where more savings could be made than on the bargain day itself.”

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