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Diabetes: Temporary diets high in oats can help

Around eight million people currently live with diabetes in Germany. Diabetic people have to make sure that their glucose level (blood sugar level) is not too high. A temporary diet high in oats can help sufferers. It contributes to the Lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity.

People with type 2 diabetes often assign insulin resistance and persistence high blood sugar on. In consultation with the treating diabetes team, a two- to three-day cure with predominantly oat-based meals can help improve glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. People treated with insulin with type 2 diabetes can usually reduce their insulin dose afterwards. This is pointed out by the non-profit health organization diabetesDE – German Diabetes Aid in a current issue Message there.

Around eight million people with diabetes

Like the organization on theirs website writes, around eight million people in Germany currently live with diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is present in 95 percent of those affected.

This disease usually occurs after the age of 40. In the beginning, patients usually have a “relative insulin deficiency”. Your pancreas produces insulin, but your body cells lose their sensitivity to the hormone.

In addition, the release of insulin from the cells of the pancreas can be disturbed. The organ tries to compensate for this by releasing more and more insulin. But despite increased insulin levels, less and less sugar gets into the body’s cells.

Favorable diet

Successful therapy for so-called diabetes includes a balanced diet. People with type 2 diabetes are still allowed to eat anything in principle.

“For a stable metabolism, however, a diet with a lot of vegetables, high-quality vegetable oils, fish and a high proportion of whole grain products is beneficial,” explains Dr. oec. troph. Astrid Tombek, diabetes advisor DDG, ecotrophologist and head of the nutritional counseling department at the Diabetes Center Mergentheim.

Animal fats, meat and sugary foods should be the exception in the diet because they can promote insulin resistance.

Relief and leap days can be helpful

In addition to more exercise and medication, according to the experts, you can also Relief or leap days regulate the glucose level with oats and improve the insulin sensitivity again:

“No matter whether it is crunchy, tender or instant: oatmeal is always a whole-grain product that contains a lot of fiber,” explains diabetesDE expert Kirsten Metternich von Wolff, a state-certified dietician and nutritionist.

According to the information, about half of the fiber in oats is water-soluble beta-glucans. Together with water, these form a gel that settles on the gastrointestinal mucous membrane and delays the passage of sugar into the bloodstream in the intestine.

“This effect can occur with a two- to three-day cure with three to four oat-containing meals, depending on the therapy profile,” says Metternich von Wolff. The expert recommends 60 grams of oat flakes per meal, which corresponds to an amount of six tablespoons and three bread units (BU).

In addition to a slower increase in blood sugar, beta-glucans also ensure a longer-lasting feeling of satiety and at the same time have a cholesterol-lowering effect.

Other positive properties: In the large intestine, they promote the growth of healthy and diverse intestinal bacteria and thus strengthen the intestinal flora. In addition, the insoluble oat fiber increases the amount of stool and stimulates bowel movements. (ad)

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