How some international matches take place despite Corona

Controversial approval: Germany’s game against Ukraine in Leipzig
Image: dpa

After three other Ukrainian internationals tested positive after the game against Germany, a questionable international game turns into a scandalous international match. The cautious are the losers – and Uefa is closing its eyes.

WWhy did the international match between Germany and Ukraine take place on Saturday before five members of a team’s delegation were infected with corona, while on Sunday the international match between Romania and Norway had to be canceled, even though only one Norwegian player tested positive there? The question arises after a disturbing football weekend under the sign of Corona. The answer to this is a single annoyance: no one responsible explains the different results. Nobody can do that either!

The Leipzig authorities could have canceled the game if they had five positive tests at their own discretion. The fact that this did not happen causes head shaking even in football circles. Because if a team was together for several days, no other person should have belonged to so-called contact group 1, nobody who knows the processes in the teams can really believe. 15 minutes with an infected person in the immediate vicinity in a room is sufficient. The trip in the team bus is enough. Health experts in Norway are likely to have been guided by these thoughts – even if there was only one infection and otherwise only negative tests. The decision in Oslo was: Safety first. The team had to be quarantined. The ball stopped rolling.


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