How ten-year-old Georgia woke up Irma Sèthe’s little violin

The half-violin of a famous artist finds the hands of a ten-year-old talent. And it’s a great meeting.

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Journalist at the Culture Department

By Alain Lallemand

Published on 07/31/2022 at 15:12
Reading time: 4 mins

EShe may not be tall, in her young hands the bow seems huge. She hums Brahms with a smile, then, without warning, takes you elsewhere, where she is already grown up: Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Vieuxtemps are her playmates. Studies-Caprices from Wieniawski? ” I like ! In his hands, the violin rings, you are moved. When she stops, she carefully puts away the instrument that has been lent to her.

Georgia is ten years old, she has been practicing her art since the age of three and a half. The half-violin is not very big either, of course, but it is made of the same wood as her, dense and clear. “The wood is very good”, she says, “the ribs are very tight, the violin sounds very good. I think whoever made it wanted to make a great violin, but didn’t have enough wood: he made it a half-violin. This violin, I feel like I woke it up. »

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