how the big winners are supported

From a million euros in earnings, la Française des jeux offers support.

200 millions ! This is the jackpot that a Frenchman won on Friday December 11 at the Euromillions (the winning combination was 6-9-13-24-41, and the star numbers 3 and 12). A historic record for the game of European lottery and a sacred sum that will make more than one head spin. The winner (or the winner) has 120 days to make themselves known. The FDJ then gave him the very large check.

To support new millionaires in their new life, the Lotery (FDJ) propose “individual and tailor-made” support from one million euros. «The objective is to give the winner the first common sense advice, to tell him to take his time, to think», Explains the FDJ.

Then the winners can have free support for five years or more, through fifteen workshops per year, not compulsory but strongly recommended. Some refuse because they know exactly how they are going to spend their millions: real estate, automobile, travel … But it is still necessary not to be destabilized by this status of nouveau riche. On the program, in particular, a workshop on “the keys to good management”. With the help of a former banker and a professor of tax law, the workshop allows new millionaires to familiarize themselves with the financial world, their new legal framework and the management of their wealth. “We give them the keys to make choices adapted to their profile and personality», Explains Isabelle Cesari, responsible for relations« big winners »of the FDJ. Another workshop: the “words to say it”. Led by a writing coach and a psychologist, he helps the winners to “better understand how you feel as a nouveau riche” and of “express themselves on the changes that have occurred in their life since the gain».

The FDJ also offers a workshop to the winners to enable them to “take a step back and change their relationship to money“And”to sketch the outlines of new projects»That they will be able to achieve with their millions. For this purpose, they can enlist the services of a coach who also allows from «assert themselves in particular vis-à-vis their new financial contacts».

Finally, a day is organized, in France or abroad, with the community of – old and new – big winners for “share about their new life». «We created a circle of sponsors with whom we stayed in contact, says Isabelle Celari. They want to share their experience and the new winners are taking advice and concrete feedback on this extraordinary experience.“. And to conclude: “The objective is not to tell them what to do but to give them all the tools».

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