How the Chinese Army is undergoing a facelift

Faced with the challenges posed by the fall in the birth rate and the modernization of military technologies, the largest army in the world, that of the People’s Republic of China, is forced to adapt its recruitment. A small revolution.

With more than 2 million military personnel in its ranks, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is by far the largest army in the world. A true colossus, who, to maintain its workforce, “Needs hundreds of thousands of new recruits every year”, remind him South China Morning Post. But although the country has almost 1.4 billion inhabitants, taking over the military is not such an easy task, says the Hong Kong daily.

Because for the last twenty years, the People’s Liberation Army has changed the “targets” of its recruitment, which are no longer “Children of peasants, but rather young people with higher education”, notes the media. A change dictated by the modernization of military technologies, which is not without consequences.

“To exploit increasingly sophisticated weapon systems, the military recruited more than 120,000 university graduates in 2009 – the highest number since



Hong Kong’s English-language daily newspaper has been owned by Jack Ma (Ma Yun), head of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, since April 2016. This acquisition gave rise to strong fears that the freedom of tone and the


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