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How the Corona apps can dampen the fourth wave of infections

When evaluating the numbers, however, it must also be taken into account that some of the results that were not shared were tests that CWA users registered in their app for other people, such as their children or other relatives, explains an RKI- Speaker. In these cases there is a good reason not to share the negative test in the app, because otherwise the wrong contact person would have been warned in some cases.

The digital vaccination certificate has triggered a boost in the use of Corona apps. It can be saved in the special CovPass app, which otherwise has no other functions, or in the CWA and Luca. But since the yellow vaccination booklet is not forgery-proof, you cannot completely rely on the fact that the digital images of the vaccination certificate were rightly issued. In addition, there is hardly any verification that the QR code shown belongs to the person who is holding the smartphone. But that has less to do with the apps themselves than with how they are used.

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