How the coronavirus affects Amazon orders: late deliveries and out-of-stock products

Internet commerce has been considered an “essential activity” by the Government and, therefore, has continued operating during the tightening of the state of alarm that has been in force until today, April 9, inclusive. However, some Amazon deliveries arrive at homes more days late than usual and some products are out of stock and out of stock due to the increase in requests and the stoppage of activity by some companies. From Amazon Spain they admit that as the days of confinement have been extended, online purchases have increased.

Due to this increase in orders, at Amazon they have decided to prioritize, as long as the coronavirus crisis lasts, the entry into their warehouses of basic products, such as those of household, health and personal care categories and other items in high demand. “As a consequence, delivery times for some products may currently be longer than usual,” they highlight on the Amazon Spain website. They also urge customers to choose shipping options that allow multiple orders to be grouped and thus make fewer stops during delivery.

The e-commerce platform delivery people are following the recommendations to reduce contact with customers and some choose to leave packages at their doorstep. Consumers also have the ability to set shipping preferences on the “Process Order” screen and click “Add Delivery Instructions” while selecting the safe place to drop off the package. On the other hand, Amazon has temporarily suspended home deliveries of very heavy packages “that need to be transported by two people.” Nor will the installation services, for example, of household appliances, be carried out to prevent entry into the client’s house and prevent contagion.

For its part, Amazon Prime Now, the two-hour delivery service for food products in Madrid, Barcelona and surroundings and in central Valencia, is still active, but depends on having delivery windows, a very difficult option to obtain in the present.

AliExpress also continues to serve customers while observing the measures indicated by the Government. In the platform of Chinese origin they try to guarantee the availability of products “that are important for customers at the moment, such as hygiene supplies or household cleaning items,” says a spokesman for the e-commerce company. .

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