How the cucumber became human again

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NFor example, suppose a child or an inattentive or drunk adult fills the water bottle with cola syrup on one of these devices, which is used to carbonate tap water, before adding the carbonated syrup (please do not do this at home!). And let’s assume that the child is a kind of extraterrestrial homunculus, the bubbler is an interdimensional and time travel pistol and the cola syrup is a rare crystal that shows you when you die. And if the child / homunculus were asked why he did this, the attempt to explain it would probably be similar to explaining the cartoon series “Rick and Morty”, the fourth season of which has recently started at TNT. We want to try it anyway or – in the spirit of this universal series – that’s why.

Rick Sanchez is an incredibly clever, old, white man with godlike powers (obtained through spirit and science) and a digestive problem. Together with his grandson Morty Smith, he experiences adventures that no child should ever experience. The series draws a large part of its humor (not only) from this world.

The only thing that can be dangerous to him is himself

Rick’s bald head, bordered by the gray-blue hair ring, and his lab coat reliably identify him as a mad scientist. He has an alcohol problem and the only thing that can be dangerous to him is himself. Instead of a parasitic “er” or clearing of the throat, Rick continually comes across as he speaks. The linguist Brooke Kidner from the University of Southern California claims to have counted 209 burps in the first three seasons of the series, which Justin Roiland (alongside Dan Hermon, one of the show’s two inventors, who speaks both Rick and Morty) thanks “Vice” low-calorie or regular beer and a bottle of water. According to Kidner, the belching during the speaking process has, among other things, the para-linguistic function of an “hmm” signaling emotional approval. But that’s just a set of meanings, we digress.

What is the ingenuity of this man, who was not so clever and powerful through the Internet, but through an unscrupulousness that does not stop at his own daughter Beth (Morty’s mother)? On the one hand, surely that if, for example, he changed into a cucumber as in season 3 (“Pickle Rick” – simply because he can), he will surely find a way to undo the matter. In this special case, in an unsavory but very entertaining way with the help of cockroaches and rats done with a snapper and a bloody but uniquely dense homage collage of action films from “Iron Man” to “John Wick”.

But the original incarnation of the cucumber already shows – this is also the magic of this series – that “Rick and Morty” is more than just a pop culture reference thunderstorm. The authors do great things. Or would you have known how the smartest cucumber in the universe should turn back into a human being? While it is neither proven nor excessively probable that William Shakespeare’s works encoded in numerical values ​​are contained in the decimal places of Pi – with “Rick and Morty” one can assume that the series contains pictorial echoes of everything that has ever been on a cave – , a screen or a screen has appeared. And what can the series now give its viewers – especially in the fourth edition? Of course, only what television ultimately always wanted to give its students – and in which the corrupted internet with its illusionary promises of freedom is increasingly failing: don’t drink while driving, eighth mother, father and grandfather, take care of your pet and keep your hands off it Time travel machine, damn it!



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