how the divinatory tarot seduces a new generation in search of answers

INVESTIGATION – As the crisis has complicated vision for the future, more and more young people are turning to card drawing. A practice that abounds on social networks.

«Even a few years ago, when I said I was drawing tarot cards, people I met sometimes looked at me like I was a pervert.“. Aderal, 45, prefers to joke. Six years ago, this professional photographer fell in love with divinatory tarot cards. Shuffle the cards, draw three, put them down, breathe, interpret them. The ceremonial has become daily. Aderal then decides to monetize a few consultations, and opens an Instagram account, @baslescartes_tarot to share his practice.

On the network, he discovered a particularly active community: the hashtag #tarot references more than 14 million publications. It brings together detailed interpretations of the cards, but also ethereal and very neat photos, typical of Instagram, where we see tarot cards in the middle of stones and candles. Everything is accompanied by phrases inspired by the cards. “Take the time to slow down, to breathe. You are ready to give up

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