How the Liège region is organized to avoid chaos at the start of the school year

The Flood Mobility Task Force presented the avenues and efforts made …

At the Walloon level, we can speak of more than 100,000 people affected by the floods… but those lucky enough to live a little higher up have been spared. Today, they are the ones who must show solidarity and be part of the problematic of our region. We have to find alternatives in terms of mobility and no longer say to ourselves, I’m leaving at such and such a time and I want to be at work at such and such an hour “.

Willy Demeyer could not be clearer: while the start of the school year in the Liège region promises to be the most complicated of recent decades, in terms of mobility, the key word will have to be solidarity. Since the floods of mid-July in fact, the Cointe tunnel has been closed to traffic… a tunnel which sees more than 80,000 vehicles pass every day. “All these will therefore have to find an alternative to make their way”, notes the mayor of Liège. Traffic jams seem inevitable.

This is the reason why a Mobility Task Force, bringing together many actors such as the City of Liège, the Region, the SPW, the SNCB, the Tec and other peripheral municipalities, was quickly set up. “Our objective in the face of this long episode”, explained this Tuesday morning the Minister of Mobility Philippe Henry, “is to make the alternatives known as much as possible”. Those that already existed, but also those reinforced or put in place for this exceptional situation. There are about ten of them… the train, the bus or even the bicycle are prime assets.

Prefer the train to the car. As of September 1, the parking lots at Angleur, Ans and Esneux stations will be able to serve as relief parking, announces the Task Force. All will be free, “and from these stations, the rail offer is 3 to 7 trains per hour in each direction”, insists the minister, “trains which, the SNCB confirmed to us, are not at all crowded”. In the Vesdre Valley on September 1, the rail service will be restored from Nessonvaux to Liège.

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