How the London Stock Exchange was dethroned by Amsterdam

DECRYPTION – City denounce EU tactics to weaken its dominance.

It is a revenge of history. Founded in 1602, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the oldest modern financial center. In January 2021, it was once again the first in Europe, overtaking that of London thanks to Brexit. It recorded 9.2 billion euros in stock exchanges per day, against 8.6 billion for London last month. This volume was halved for the City in the space of a few weeks, after the British exit from the single European market on December 31.

By way of comparison, last year, London carried out 17.5 billion euros in daily exchanges, followed by Frankfurt with 5.9 billion, Amsterdam coming in sixth place with 2.6 billion, according to data from CBOE, a market operator present in both London and Amsterdam. The same goes for the London Stock Exchange, which has opened a subsidiary in the Netherlands called Turquoise to process transactions in euros. Others, including Aquis Exchange and Goldman Sachs, have

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