How the ocean takes care of our morale

PSYCHOLOGY – The smell of seaweed, the sound of the waves, the calm of a swim… The sea has many secrets to boost our mental health.

Place of wandering for Ulysses, terrifying deluge in the Bible, scene of storms and shipwrecks, the sea has long appeared to man as a hostile and dangerous world. “It was only gradually, from the 18th century, that the view of the sea became more positiverecalls in brain and nature (Flammarion, 2022) neuroscientist Michel Le Van Quyen, researcher at Inserm. Its shores were then transformed into places of retreat and rejuvenation for city dwellers (…), doctors began to recommend that some of their patients go for a spa treatment in specialized clinics set up by the sea.”

Trace elements, mineral salts, seaweed… Marine elements are recognized today for their therapeutic benefits. Several studies have shown that inhaling concentrated saline solutions improves lung function. But the proximity to the “big blue” would also be beneficial for our mental health.

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