Economy How the taxman monitors the wealthy

How the taxman monitors the wealthy


INVESTIGATION – Holders of high income and large wealth have been in the crosshairs of the tax authorities for a long time. Bercy has new weapons to track fraud.

Through Vincent Nouzille

Bercy teams scan the documents of the wealthiest. The result: more than € 1 billion in “recalls” each year. ARNAUD ROBIN / LE FIGARO MAGAZINE

When the tax administration is interested in the wealthy, it does not hide its desire to recover money in the event of controls. Within the powerful General Directorate of Public Finance, the armed wing of Bercy responsible for collecting taxes and fighting fraud, the status of “rich” is defined by thresholds: the FDEA are the tax households that earn more than 270,000 euros gross per year and / or with assets valued at 3.9 M €. There is even a higher category of ultrariches, the “files with very high stakes” (DTFE), for the taxpayers with the incomes higher than 2 M € and the inheritance of more than 15 M €!

The status of rich person exposes to more regular tax audits. According to documents sent by Bercy each year to the Parliament, these reviews were systematic between 2016 and 2018. Teams were responsible for examining all the documents of the wealthy “According to a correlated control technique for income and wealth”. Result: more than 1 billion

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