How the time you eat dinner affects your risk of stroke

Time is more important than it seems

A group of Japanese scientists decided to conduct a study to find out how our eating habits can affect the appearance of this dangerous pathology. The researchers chose to study the latest meal of the day, dinner, because most people either eat too late, or refuse to eat at all, preferring to endure hunger until the morning. The results of the work can be found in the journal Nutrients.

Scientists studied the medical records of 28,625 men and 43,213 women aged 40 to 79. All participants in the experiment did not have a history of oncology and chronic cardiovascular diseases. The scientists divided the participants into 3 groups:

  • those who had dinner before 20:00;

  • those who had dinner after 20:00;

  • and those who constantly ate dinner at different times. For example, a person could eat both at 18:30 and at 23:00.

The results showed that those men and women who constantly ate dinner at different times were much more likely to suffer from a stroke. For most of them, the disease ended in death.

Those people who ate after 20:00 were less likely to suffer and die from this pathology. The most protected were those who ate dinner before 8 pm, the researchers say. Scientists also note that the men and women who took part in the experiment suffered from hemorrhagic stroke.

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