How this graphic designer created the “Stay at Home” poster

“I had the idea Friday, a day after the announcements by the President of the Republic”. Mathieu Persan, graphic designer in publishing and the press designed “in his kitchen”, in the Paris region, a poster encouraging the French to stay at home. As of March 13, he decided to publish this poster on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which reads “Stay at home. Saving lives has never been easier”. Offering everyone the right to freely reproduce, download or print it.

“It doesn’t go far enough”

“It was just after the school closings were announced, but before the bars and restaurants, he explains. A doctor friend wrote to me ‘it’s not going far enough, you have to confine people immediately “and” every hour counts “. Before that, like everyone else, I was little aware. But you have to trust those who know”.

He therefore designed this poster, to give a visual identity, a graphic support to this message, which did not yet have one.

The visual is sober, the message shock: very quickly, the poster goes viral. The Red Cross relays it on Twitter, but also personalities such as the actors Jean Dujardin, Alice Pol, Emilie Dequenne, Pierre Niney, or even Paul Belmondo. “A municipality asked me for the poster Stay home in bus shelter format, “said the graphic designer on Twitter.

“A call to action”

If it is in line with the images that circulated on social networks after the attacks, from “Je suis Charlie” to the visuals representing the Eiffel Tower embedded in a Peace & love symbol, this poster is “not a reaction to dramatic events, but a call to action. “

“It’s very gratifying, notes Mathieu Persan because the tragedy has not yet happened and it can be avoided, if everyone stays at home. Containment works quickly, and that is the only help we can get. can help caregivers, “he said. “We must convince young people that they are not untouchable, and that it is not a grippette.”

“Work, read books, watch movies, play video games, draw, think, write, cook, sleep, play music, listen to music, sing, dance in the living room, take care of your plants green, call old friends, go to the gym, play with your children or do nothing at all “, wrote on his poster Mathieu Persan, himself confined to his home with children and confronted with what many parents experience on this Monday, March 16.

“It’s time to refocus on us, to have a slightly different daily life, he notes.” I added this slightly light text to reduce the seriousness of the graphics and the message, “explains this enthusiast of the Art Deco style, of the 1930s and his “crisis aesthetic”.

“Let us hope that this crisis will give birth to something else,” he concludes, hoping for “awareness”, both in terms of behavior and in terms of environmental protection.

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