How to 15 Methods of Contraception Welcome World Contraception Day, September 26

9. Temperature measurement to ensure birth control It is necessary to regularly measure body temperature every day. during the same period and in the same position In order to know the exact date of ovulation because in 1-2 days after ovulation, the body temperature will rise above 0.2 degrees, which means it is safe.

10. Count days from calendar It’s a way for women to have a personal calendar. It’s a simple and easy way. Suitable for women with regular menstrual periods (28 days), but during ovulation, other methods of contraception must be used. The average error is 9 out of 100 women who fail to become pregnant.

11. Observe the mucus from the cervix. It is a natural and economical method of contraception. Women need to observe the cervical mucus every day and keep a note of the date of ovulation. And during ovulation, another method of contraception is required. but may be inaccurate or misinterpret

12. Sympto Thermal Contraceptive Method It’s a natural birth control method. By a combination of temperature and observation of mucus discharge. This method is relatively safe if the woman is observing herself.

13. Interruption It’s a way for men to ejaculate outside after intercourse. But sperm may have slipped out before then. Therefore, it is not recommended because it is unsafe.

14. Vasectomy This method uses minimal surgery in men to cut off the spermatic duct. Suitable for men who do not want to have children again. high protection against pregnancy

15. Female Sterilization is the process of cutting some parts or separating the fallopian tubes from both sides, causing no fertilization Correction to bring the fallopian tubes back to normal is also possible. but quite cumbersome Because it requires surgery through a microscope.

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