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How to avoid catching the coronavirus and winter viruses

While the Delta wave of the coronavirus is not yet over and Omicron seems to be taking up space in France as well, it seems wise to redouble your attention when you are traveling, at work, with family, with relatives, or in the street.

By taking certain precautions, you will probably be able to avoid a particularly contagious infection such as that of the Omicron variant, but also of all winter viruses.

A virus can be caught in several ways, including through saliva and nasal secretions. It is therefore imperative to avoid contact with someone with a runny nose. This should be careful not to kiss or get too close to someone with a runny nose. When you are in a waiting room, prevent your child from touching and putting toys in their mouths that may have been contaminated.

Wash your nose and hands regularly

And the virus also travel by air. If an infected person coughs or sneezes around you, they can infect you with the tiny particles that are spread. So, to limit the risk of contagion as much as possible, the wearing a mask is essential, especially in enclosed spaces.

When it starts to get cold, we often tend to favor indoor places like shops or public transport. Now we have to think about stay in the open air as much as possible.

Viruses also enter through the upper airways, nose and mouth. It is therefore also possible to eliminate it before it has had time to develop. For this, we practice nose washing. Whether in seawater spray or in a dose of physiological serum, washing the nose is essential. As specified Health Passport, by making this gesture, you Remove excess mucus from your nasal passages and you free them from the bacteria that are lodged there.

Air your room once a day

Another tip: do not touch your face. Your hands are one of the main factors of contamination. Hence the need to wash them as often as possible to prevent the spread of a virus very contagious. It has to be done several times a day, especially after blowing your nose. It is necessary to rub your hands well, including between the fingers, nails, thumbs, for a period of 15 to 20 seconds.

The air quality in your room is also essential and several precautions are necessary so that this part remains healthy. Even though it’s cold outside, therefore open the windows for ten minutes a day at least. It is indeed essential to renew the air daily and all year round. Also avoid overheating the room, at the risk of seeing it become a real breeding ground.

Use disposable tissues

Another common sense tip, avoid tissue handkerchiefs, which are true nests for germs, and use disposable tissues. There is no question of keeping them at the bottom of your bag, throw them away after each use, so as not to contaminate all your belongings.

Finally, sleep is essential. Getting a good night’s sleep promotes the strength of the immune system and therefore allows for better defense. Take vitamin C would also boost your immunity and reduce the duration, for example, of a common cold if you ever catch it.

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