how to calm them in the middle of a duel through the heart? Jorge Gómez Calle explains

Jorge Gómez Calle, grieving companion and neural therapist, explains that the heart is the only organ capable of calming the entire body and focusing thoughts. In this video of duel with lovehe shares a meditation and breathing exercise that activates this power to cope with all types of grief.

The answer, according to the specialized media Medical News Today, is that slow breathing is synonymous with safety for the brain, therefore the production of adrenaline and the survival instinct decreases. This helps to reach a state of calm in which thoughts become clearer and emotions are regulated.

In addition, after exercises where breathing becomes more leisurely, blood pressure is reduced as well as stress, which lowers the risk of high blood pressure, headaches, heart attacks and strokes.

Conéctese to duel with love and learn a breathing and meditation exercise to calm your heart and thoughts. In addition, discover other tools to face these situations of change in the different stages of life and find every week a new episode with new teachings on grief.

He is a doctor who has directed his professional career to palliative care, end-of-life care and bereavement. His therapies are based on the connection of the body, mind, emotion and energy. His practice of neural therapy understands the human being as a complex system that is capable of self-healing and focuses specifically on grieving processes and the therapeutic accompaniment of people in pain.

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