How to change your iPhone name

If you only have one Apple device, what you call it more or less doesn’t make a difference. But if you have multiple Apple devices, giving each device a clear and unique name makes life easier when figuring out what the device is. In the same way that you should practice good cable management, you should also practice good device name management. Here’s how to change your iPhone’s name. It only takes less than a minute.

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To change the name of your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> About. Faucet Noun Enter the new name you want to change the device to. The change will take effect immediately, via iCloud, on all other connected devices, as well as Airdrop, Bluetooth, iCloud, and Find My.

How to change your iPhone name

If you have multiple devices linked together, via iCloud, find out which ones might be annoying. Well, if you only have one iPhone, you can obviously see where the iPhone is. But what if you have two iPhones? Many iPads for the family? Too many Macbook laptops to work? How do you track what device?

The answer is to give each device a unique name. However, you must change the name on the device itself. You can’t change the HomePod name on your iPhone, for example. You will have to go to the Home app. The update will then be done in your iPhone’s list.

iOS Device List

To change the name of your iPhone, go to Settings-> General and press Around On the top.

iOS Settings AboutiOS Settings About

At the top of the next screen is Noun. Here, you can see the current name of the device. Click on it to enter the edit field.

iOS Settings About NameiOS Settings About Name

Now you can delete the old name and enter the new one. Changes are saved instantly, and iCloud will instantly sync the name change with anywhere else.

ios change iPhone nameios change iPhone name

No, the new name will be instantly updated on bluetooth, and your existing connections will not be affected.

There doesn’t seem to be any restrictions. However, for convenience, it is best to keep the name as short as possible.

There is no limit. You can change the device name as many times as you like.

With the magic of iCloud, any changes will be instant.

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