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Apple has been selling genuine battery cases “Smart Battery Case” for each model since iPhone 7 (excluding iPhone 8 and SE), but for iPhone 12 that adopted MagSafe, “MagSafe battery” that can be used in common with the series “Pack” has been released. The price is 11,800 yen, which is cheaper than the conventional case-integrated type.

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▲ Charge wirelessly by sticking it directly to the back of the iPhone 12 series or through the MagSafe built-in case. Battery capacity is 1460mAh.Color is (currently) white only

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack (Amazon)

▲ Update iPhone 12 to iOS 14.7 before starting to use

Relation: iOS 14.7 distribution started

▲ The charging terminal is equipped with the same Lightning as the iPhone
▲ There are no switches, and charging starts when you attach it to the back of the iPhone (MagSafe).

The sticking force is slightly stronger than that of third-party products, but if you apply force to the left or right, it will shift.

▲ You can check the remaining amount with the battery widget on the lock screen.
▲ The actual weight is about 113 grams.
▲ Weighs 254 grams when the iPhone 12 mini is installed, which is less than the naked Max.
▲ The total weight when attached to the iPhone 12 Pro Max is about 341 grams. Approximately 371 grams including genuine leather case (for reference, the weight of iPhone 11 Pro Max + Smart Battery Case is approximately 345 grams)

Normally, the iPhone is charged with 5W, but if you connect it to a power supply of 20W or more with a Lightning cable, you can charge it with a maximum of 15W. It’s a replacement for the MagSafe charger.

▲ This is Zendure S2 (maximum 65W)

Zendure S2 Type C Fast Charger (Amazon)

▲ In addition to being a substitute for the MagSafe charger, you can use the battery pack as a general-purpose Qi charging stand.

Differences from third-party products

Compare it with Anker’s MagSafe battery (3990 yen) that you had at hand. Apple’s MagSafe battery pack is slimmer and more cohesive.

▲ The area is almost the same as Anker’s MagSafe compatible mobile battery, but the genuine one is thinner.

Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5000 (Amazon)

The charging speed is 5W, so you still have to stick it on for a reasonable amount of time. In addition to the capacity, there are three differences from the genuine product.

Although there is no switch, it could be used as a general-purpose Qi charging stand without connecting to a power supply (I stated that it could not be done when it first appeared, but I apologize for the correction). However, there is no charging port for output, so if you are mobile with various devices, please be aware of this point.

▲ AirPods can also be charged when placed in a round position. However, Sony’s W1000-XM4 couldn’t be done, so it seems to be compatible?
▲ I was able to charge iPhone 11 and Qi compatible Android smartphones.

The MagSafe battery pack has a safety mechanism that stops power supply at around 80 percent when it gets hot. The texture is genuine, so it’s recommended for high-end Apple fans. I’d like to expect more color variations in the future.

▲ The sense of unity with the iPhone 12 series is wonderful (the exterior is plastic instead of silicon).

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