How to choose a good audio extractor?

Using an audio extractor is useful for extracting audio from an HDMI stream to enjoy on separate audio equipment. It is necessary to take the time to look at the characteristics of the product to choose it well.

If you want to enjoy high-end sound on separate speakers from your TV, but you don’t necessarily want to invest in a home cinema for that, you can turn to an HDMI audio extractor. To understand its interest, it is worth understanding how the HDMI stream works, which mixes both audio and video: as its name suggests, the extractor is a device that is able to separate the two by broadcasting the video via an HDMI output, and audio via other formats, including S/PDIF or RCA.

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The typical operation of a box of this type is as follows: using an HDMI cable, you connect the source, for example a Blu-ray player or a game console, to the audio extractor using the HDMI input port. Then you connect the HDMI output port to your TV: it will only broadcast the image, without any sound. Then you use the audio ports available on the extractor to connect the device to an amplifier, a sound bar or simply to speakers, depending on the number of channels available. A rather simple operation, which greatly improves your multimedia installation.

What should you pay attention to when choosing an audio extractor?

The most important point when it comes to choosing an audio extractor is to select a model that corresponds exactly to the connection you are looking for at the output. It all depends on the type of device you have in the audio field. You won’t need the same connector if you want to connect your installation to stereo speakers with a simple RCA connector or if you want to connect your devices to a soundbar equipped with a Toslink connector, for example.
Also consider the number of audio channels supported. If you’re just looking to get stereo sound out, then a model that supports 2.0 channels may be right for you. But there are also 5.1 models which are much more appropriate if you have a home cinema set or a high-end soundbar. In this kind of case, it is often necessary to go through a toslink or coaxial connection.

The Benefits of the Amazon Basics Audio Extractor

The first advantage of the Amazon Basics audio extractor is its price: it only costs 24.72 euros. It is suitable for HDMI to HDMI and audio conversion, with access to S/PDIF and RCA Stereo connectors. This makes it compatible with a Toslink cable which you can even purchase along with the case if you wish.
This model supports compressed or uncompressed audio and you can choose between 2.0 CH or 5.1 CH audio source. However, for this second option, it is necessary to opt for a connection via a Toslink cable. On the video side, it supports a definition up to 4K at 30 Hz and it is also compatible with 12-bit 1080p at 60 Hz or 12-bit 720p / 1080i at 60 Hz with the possibility of using a 3D stream. As an input, you can connect it to a Blu-ray or DVD player, an Internet box, a game console, a laptop, an Amazon Fire TV Stick or even an HD camera. It is a versatile device, accessible at a very reasonable price.

View Amazon Basics Audio Extractor

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