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Has the time come to take out the Nordic? It is one of the most repeated questions with the arrival of autumn, when temperatures still rise during the day, but the nights are colder. And is that the operation Duvet, which is usually done together with the change of wardrobe, is not a minor issue since one of the recommendations of the experts to have a good night’s sleep is to achieve an optimal temperature both in bed and in the room.

Duvets or duvets have become an option to take into account because they are light, breathable, they isolate very well from the cold, they are able to maintain a constant temperature and, in addition, they are very practical to make the bed on a daily basis. So thinking about those who this season are not only going to dust off the duvet, but who are thinking of acquiring one in EL PAÍS Showcase, we have prepared a mini guide with the aspects that must be evaluated before deciding on one: the stuffed guy (natural or synthetic), the right size for each bed, the grammage (which defines its ability to offer more or less heat) or maintenance that each model needs.

1. Stuffing

Looking at this aspect will determine, for example, the price or weight of the quilt. Nordic fillings were traditionally associated with duck or goose down –a natural fiber that is characterized by its great lightness and softness–, but today there is a wide range of synthetic solutions that imitate nature. Each of them, natural or synthetic, has its advantages and disadvantages as we will see below.

– Synthetics

Its price is cheaper than natural fillers and it is also easier to wash and maintain them. Most, for example, can be put in the washing machine. They are also a good option for allergy sufferers because they tend to retain fewer mites or bacteria. For its elaboration fiber, polyester or silicone are often used. Some also include specific treatments for mites or aloe vera to obtain a smooth, skin-friendly finish.

Fiber and anti dust mites

In white, this microfiber duvet filling is available in different sizes of bed and cribs. It is a breathable product that helps reduce allergy symptoms thanks to the protection against mites that it incorporates. Its hygiene and correct maintenance can be approached at home because it is suitable to be introduced in the washing machine and the dryer.

Microfiber and Aloe Vera

How to choose the right duvet

Also from the firm Pikolín, in this case the filling incorporates an Aloe Vera-based treatment that helps people with sensitive skin to also use it without a cover. Incorporates a technology Ecolofil Feather Touch for which the fibers easily regain their position with use, as occurs in natural fabrics. It is hypoallergenic, breathable, and can be purchased in 14 different sizes.

– Natural

Down, as we pointed out, is a natural material with a great insulating capacity and, at the same time, very light so that it does not disturb the bed. When acquiring a filling of this type it is advisable to look at the percentage of down That includes therefore, depending on the quantity, the greater or lesser will be its insulating power. This type of padding makes the finish more fluffy and that more professional maintenance is necessary so that it does not spoil.

Duck down

How to choose the right duvet

This product, for example, is very consistent because it incorporates 85% duck feathers and 15% down. The exterior is also made of 100% cotton and 230 threads. Incorporates the traditional type stitch cassette It allows the filling to be evenly distributed throughout and there are no corners of the duvet without feathers when moving during the night. It is available in three sizes and can be machine washed at a temperature of 40 ° C

Goose feather

How to choose the right duvet

Soft, waterproof and breathable, this duvet is filled with 85% white goose down and 15% down. The exterior is made of 100% combed cotton and you can also choose between different anti-mite or anti-odor finishes. The design includes piping and hooks for easy attachment to the duvet cover, and is compartmentalized through the seams so the padding stays in place and the heat is distributed evenly. For proper maintenance it can be machine washed at 40 ° C.

2. Weights

Another aspect that we must look at when choosing Nordic filling is the weight, which is what determines its heat capacity. The higher the grammage, the more warm it provides, so manufacturers, in addition to including the data in grams, also usually indicate as a reference For what season of the year it is recommended or the ambient temperature at which the rooms of the house are usually.

For cold seasons, grammages above 200-250 g / m2 are usually recommended, and for warmer seasons it would be valid with 100 g / m2 fillings. In recent years, duo or four season fillings have also become popular, which combine two removable quilts to add more or less heat as desired.

300 grams

How to choose the right duvet

This model stands out for its exquisite finishes and the high quality of the materials used. It is made of brushed microfiber and, thanks to its design and stitching, it remains fluffy and soft even after continuous use. In white, it can be used with or without a cover and includes four tabs at the corners to fit it into the cover and keep it from slipping. It is easy to clean as it can be machine washed in cold water and dried on a low setting. You can choose between two different bed sizes.

400 grams

How to choose the right duvet

An ideal solution for those who want to do without the covers because it is a quilt that can be used without them. It is a reversible product and available in eight color combinations. It fits the three most common sizes of single and double beds, is machine washable, and is fully breathable. It is made of siliconized hollow fiber and, on the outside, the lining stands out for its extra soft touch.

Four season models

How to choose the right duvet

Thanks to its two layers of 150 and 350 g / m2, which can be used together or separately, it is a quilt that can be adapted to the changing temperature of the whole year. It is one of the most powerful duvets and it is suitable even in climates with extreme temperatures. The padding is silicone hollow microfiber and 6D polyester and includes a cloth bag for storage.

Other aspects to consider

– Size: If you want the quilt not to be short and protrude from the sides, you should choose a size larger than the size of the bed. It is advisable to leave, for example, about 20 to 30 centimeters more on each side.

– Washed: We must pay attention to whether it is a product that can be washed at home or has to be taken to the dry cleaner so that it does not spoil.

– External coating: Although the usual thing is to cover them with a cover, most of the Nordic fillings have a cotton fabric on the outside that makes them pleasant to the act. There are also models that do not need a cover and that, instead of being white or cream, include color on the outside to take care of the aesthetic part.

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