How to choose your vocabulary to create a buzz or collect donations

PSYCHOLOGY – Use common words or draw from a learned lexicon? It all depends on what you expect from your reader …

We rarely pay attention to it, and yet: the way a text is written determines how we treat it, what influences our evaluation of the text and, ultimately, our decision-making. And the vocabulary is one of the key points: the words used are part of those clues that our heuristics love, these mental shortcuts that help us make decisions in a context where we have to make a choice when we lack information. .

So, how to address his interlocutors? Should we use simple and direct words, or a disciplined and complex vocabulary? Common sense could make us believe that everything depends on the public to which we are addressing: the masses, simple words, the elites a chosen lexicon. Another hypothesis is that of “the simpler, the better”: a text using a common vocabulary would be more likely to generate commitment in a task (decision-making, donations, answering a questionnaire. , etc.): information

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