How to cleanse and activate the energy of rose quartz, the ‘stone of love’

How to clean and activate rose quartz

How to clean and activate rose quartz

The pink quartz is the amulet known as the ‘stone of love’, because his energy attracts love In all senses, that is, love as a couple, friendship, self-love or love towards life and the things that surround you.

Is power stone You can keep it in a bag and take it everywhere so that its energy favors you and, why not, helps you find love.

But since just the job of pink quartz (and in general of all quartz) is to absorb all the negative to attract harmony, it must constantly be cleansed to renew its power.

Here we tell you how you can clean and activate your rose quartz of love.

How to clean rose quartz


1. With water and salt

– Add a tablespoon of salt to a glass of water and dissolve.

– Place your rose quartz and leave it there overnight.

– If possible and you are on a beach, you can submerge it in sea water and leave it in the sun for about 5 or 6 hours.

2. With land

– Find a place in the garden and completely bury the rose quartz for a week.

– If you don’t have a garden, you can bury it in a pot with soil.

How are rose quartz stones charged?

-Take advantage of the energy of the waning moon or the full moon and leave your rose quartz in a glass and place it on the window throughout the night and taking care that the next day it does not get direct sun.

– Your window must be closed with the curtains open for the quartz to absorb its energy.

Once this is done, your rose quartz will be ready to give you its good energy again.

Store it in a bag or in a safe place so you don’t get lost and that’s it.

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