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How to connect us? And why is it essential today to reweave all our knowledge in the light of our interdependencies? Crossed views of researchers from all walks of life on Les liens qui libéré.

Let us question ourselves together on the links that constitute us and all living beings, but also all interdependent knowledge. How can we put back to the center, reweave and cultivate these essential links, essential to meet the multiple environmental, health, political, economic, social and psychological challenges with which we are confronted? These are the links that keep us alive and hold us together. “The links that liberate” to use the enlightening phrase of the late Bernard Maris, who inspired the publishing house of the same name to launch a formidable collective adventure: the Constitution of links and the Parliament of links. Scientists, philosophers, artists, researchers of all disciplines have opened the dialogue and the doors of our imaginations to illuminate the transitions towards our common future …

Emission around the Parliament of Links (which brings together 52 of the most eminent scientists, philosophers, economists, jurists, anthropologists, doctors, writers, etc.) to shed light on the way in which all our knowledge is being recast today in the light of links and interdependencies) and the book Let’s connect with Sophie Marinopoulos, psychoanalyst, specialist in childhood and the founding family of the Publishing House The links that liberate, and the philosopher Mathieu Potte-Bonneville, director of the Culture and Creation Department of the Center Pompidou which will highlight 6 artists from the DRC, Rwanda and Nigeria between June 30 and July 19, 2021 (including musician Keziah Jones and choreographer Qudus Onikeku).


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