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Changing your iPhone lock screen and home screen background is probably the most effective way to make your phone look unique. Take your wallpaper to the next level by creating or modifying your own designs with just a few clicks. No application required.

Create your own iPhone wallpaper

You can create your own wallpaper with lock screen gallery. To access the gallery, long press on the lock screen to reveal it.

From here, you can click on “Customize” to modify the current lock screen or click on the “+” icon to create a new lock screen.

Creating a new lock screen will take you directly to the wallpaper picker, and at the top of the screen will appear several options that allow you to create your own wallpaper.

  • picture: Select an image from your media library and swipe left or right to apply different filters to customize it.
  • Switch pictures: Shuffle mode allows you to select multiple background images. These images change throughout the day. You can also select photos on your iPhone.
  • emojis: Choose your favorite emoji and choose from different background styles and colors.
  • weather: Weather Options are dynamic wallpapers that change based on the weather conditions in your area.
  • astronomy: This dynamic background changes based on the position of the Earth, Moon, or planets in our Solar System.
  • color: Choose a solid color and swipe left or right to choose different effects such as gradients and color intensity.

You can create multiple wallpapers and save them to your lock screen gallery and switch between them at any time by long pressing on the lock screen.

emoji wallpaper

Perhaps the most fun thing you can do here is create custom emojis and colorful wallpapers. These tools make it easy to create wallpapers with your own photos. No need to edit photos or apply filters within the photo app first.

Some images can also be used to create a depth effect that superimposes the subject on top of the clock (although there is a slight bug in making this work).

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Choose from existing designs

You can also use the lock screen gallery to choose from existing and premium designs. Check out some of the best Apple products by visiting our Featured and Collections areas.

Various wallpaper options in iOS 16

iOS also places photos that should work fine on the lock screen in the Featured Photos slider. Many of these correspond to the depth effects described above.

Note that using the widget on the lock screen will prevent you from using the depth effect.

The App Store also has many apps to create or download custom wallpapers, such as Vellum, Everpix, and Pixs. Unlike those apps, Apple’s built-in options are completely free to use.

Requires iOS 16 or later

With iOS 16, you get access to the new wallpaper maker and lock screen gallery. If you don’t see the lock screen gallery when you press and hold the lock screen, your iPhone may need to update to iOS 16.

Find out if your device is compatible with iOS 16 and other features worth checking out in the September 2022 update.

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